All Souls’ Remembrance

The souls of the righteous are in the hand of God, and no torment shall touch them. They seemed, in the view of the foolish, to be dead; and their passing away was thought an affliction and their going forth from us, utter destruction. But they are in peace. For if to others, indeed, they seem punished, yet is their hope full of immortality; Chastised a little, they shall be greatly blessed, because God tried them and found them worthy of himself. Wisdom 3:1-5

Nassau & Anne Acosta
David & Bessie Anthony
Eddie Anthony
Freddie Anthony
Zelda Bailey
Elizabeth Baker
Lywanda Barnes
Rodney Beatles
Paul Baumeister
Alfred Bell
The Bently Family
Ed Bishop
Margaret & Jack Bohm
Bennie Bonner
Lizzie Branch
Thomas C. Branch, Sr.
Robert & Susie Brandley
Elizabeth Brandy
Betty Brenahan
Mr. & Mrs. Brundy
Margaret & Kelly Bryant
Robert C. Bryant (2)
Josie Carubba
Art Clarkson
Bobbie Cole
Jimmy Crouch
Jesse Dean
Ellen & Ed Daniel
Lee Davis
Joseph D. DeLeonard, Jr.
Alan Densmore
Bob Densmore
Gus Densmore
John Dunmyer
Louise Durdaman
Anna Fassnacht
Anton Fassnacht
Franz Fassnacht
Hans Fassnacht
Floyd & Marcelle Fields
Bishop David Foley
Fr Leonard Giardina, OSB
Sonny Gratton
Beverly & Collins Grisham
Ella Mae Hale (2)
Minnie M. Hayes
Willie & Bessie Hegler
Eva Hightower
Robert Hightower
Marianna Hill
Fr Ted Hill
Jason Howard
The Howard Family (2)
Billy Ingle
Roderick J.
The Jefferson Family
The Johnson Family
Fr Bill Jones
Bill Jones
Leonora Jones
Margaret Jones
Ryan Karamichael
Steve Karamichael
Carol & Lawrence Karch
Albert Keenum
Steve Keenum
Vinita Kelley
Alfons Kurfürst
Kalhe Kurfürst
Pauline M. Lane
Bessie K. Lawrence
Bonnie Lee
Josephine M. Lewis
Julia Lewis
Horace Long
Isaac Long
Londis Long
Martha Long
Mary Long
Robert & Mattie Long
Kathryn & Crawford Mabee
Douglas Mabee
Amber Mason
Eugene Mason
Ronald Mason
Mary Matthews
Thelma Maul
The Maul Family
Joey Mazurette
Lou Mazurette
Mary Lou Mazurette
The Mialionico Family (2)
Nina Mialionico
Kamille McKinney (3)
Long & Hazel Melendez
Robin Melendez
Steve Melendez
Brenda Menifee
Barnetta Montgomery
Peter & Jeanie Morin
The Mosby Family
Rev A.O. Moore
Alonzo O. Moore
Ida C. Moore
Joseph Moore
Ralph & Anthum Moore
William Moore
David Mormon
Charlie Morris
Emmett Morris
Graham Morris, Jr. (2)
Issach Morris
Rebecca Morris
Virginia B. Morris
William J. Morris
Little William J. Morris
John Myers
Opal Myers
August Nettleman
Donald Nettleman
Josephine Nettleman
Jeremy Noblitt
Patsy Fields Nolen
Hans Oberer
Mathilde Oberer
Rita Peters
Sam Pilato (2)
Ann & Pete Ransom
Raymond Ransom
Kenneth Ray
Salvatore & Mary Riccardi
Ernst Rindle
Matheus Rindle
Otto Rindle
Theresa Rindle
Tony Romeo
Marilyn Russell
Ed & Mary Ryan
Jimmy & Anne Ryan
Johnny & Margaret Ryan
Mike Ryan
Eileen & Jack Schauer
Mr & Mrs John Schauer Sr.
Patricia Schauer
Pete Searcy
Johnny Shackleford
Lavona Sharp
Gracie Shelby
Dwight Story
Dr. Herman Strader
Vernon Stroud
George Sturm
Mr. & Mrs. Roy J. Swaim
David Tate
Sal Theriot
Fr Joseph Underwood
Glenn A. Varnell
Glenn L. Varnell
David Waligora
Gregg Wall
Tom Wall
The Weems Family (2)
Robert White
Elaine Williams
The Woodard Family (2)
Dennis G. Woods
Julia V. Woods