Our 9th Annual Bingo Luncheon and Teacup Auction

Our 9th Annual Bingo Luncheon and Teacup Auction was an outstanding success!  We had a great turnout and we raised a net total earnings of $4149. A special thank you for all who volunteered their time and their effort to make this day go smoothly and thanks to all who donated door prizes and items for the auction.

Money tree and Teacup Auction Winners

  • Ginny Daniel won the money tree
  • Margie Lombardo won the Piggly Wiggly gift card
  • Herbert Habshey won the Applebee’s gift card
  • Lynn Bryant won the gas card
  • Ginny Daniel won the Visa gift card
  • Suzanne Beck won the Wal-Mart gift card
  • Anita Cusimano won the electric toothbrush
  • Valerie Wepfer won the woman’s wallet
  • Mary Barton won the wine basket
  • June Riley won the tray of steaks
  • Margie Lombardo won the baklava
  • Jamie Barnes won the buffet lamps.